'Ardhanarishvara' Combined Form of Shiva Shakti - Brass Statue

'Ardhanarishvara' Combined Form of Shiva Shakti - Brass Statue
Product Code :2225
Material :Brass
Size :10"H x 6"W x 2.60"D
Weight :3.300 kg.


The beautiful brass figure of the Lord of Destruction has been carved out of brass with some sparkling carvings on it. Lord one of the Trinity, is also called Ardhnariswar.The figure is in a sitting posture and it reveals a deep sense of accomplishment and gravity.Some exquisite smoothness and grandeur is manifest in the brass figure. The right side of the body is that of Parvati and the left side is of the Lord. Without Shakti or Parvati, Shiva is incomplete. It shows for creation both men and women are essential.  Though the God is the Lord of Destruction, destruction is essential for regeneration. Here he is a symbol of creation.

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