Sacred 'Aum' Mandala - Pendant

Sacred 'Aum' Mandala - Pendant
Product Code :4633
Material :Sterling silver, glass, watercolors
Size :1.25" Diam


Sterling silver, glass and watercolors are smartly used to give rise to a special effect in the sparkling pendent. Here the pendent is crafted as a mandala. AUM as a Mandala consists of four components: the outer gates, the outer mandala petals, the inner mandala and the centre.

The outer Manadal petals are painted green in water colours. The Outer Gates are painted mustard. The inner mandalas are painted pink and the Aum is painted at the centre that is painted sharp red.

Each of the four directions are manifested as a specific element. The elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air are the basic building blocks of our human lives and the lives of all living beings on the planet. Aum is the sacred mantra for any Hindu and it has special effect in our life.  

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