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Lord Pawan Putra Hanuman - Brass Statue



Product code: 3121

Availability: Out of stock

Product Weight:  2.50 gm.
Product Size:  8.25"H x 5"W x 4.50"D
Product Material:  Brass

Quick Overview:

Here the Pawan Putra Hanuman is seated in a meditative posture though he is in cross-legged posture. He is holding his gada in his left hand and blessing his devotee with his right hand. His body is given a smooth touch and the Lord is wearing some dazzling jewelries. He is also putting on some nice clothes. A symbol of strength and courage, Lord Hanuman got power and boons from almost all leading gods. From Brahma Hanuman obtained the power of inducing fear in enemies, of destroying fear in friends, to be able to change his form at will and to be able to easily travel wherever he wished. From Shiva he obtained the boons of longevity, scriptural wisdom and ability to cross the ocean. Shiva assured safety of Hanuman with a band that would protect him for life. Indra blessed him that the Vajra weapon will no longer be effective on him and his body would become stronger than Vajra. Varuna blessed baby Hanuman with a boon that he would always be protected from water. Agni blessed him with immunity to burning by fire. Surya gave him two siddhis of yoga namely "laghima" and "garima", to be able to attain the smallest or to attain the biggest form.