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Hanuman - Paperback Comic Book

Product code: C43

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Product Size:   9.2" x 6.8" Pages
Product Material:  Paper Book

Quick Overview:

Hanuman the son of Anjana and the Wind God. Pavana or Vayu, was born a monkey. Yet, he occupies a prominent place among the Hindu gods for his sterling character. Hanuman is renowned for his strength and valour besides his steadfast love and loyalty to Lord Rama. He is the embodiment of devotion and power. Hanuman’s unflinching devotion to Rama has made him one of the greatest bhaktas (devotees) ever known. In fact, Hanuman is often referred to as Ramabhakta Hanuman. His singular worship of rama made him compassionate. It helped him leap across 800 miles of ocean to Lanka and console Sita who was pining for Rama, forlorn and lonely in Ravana’s Ashoka Garden.   Hanuman was the chief general of the monkey king, Sugreeva. The story of his adventures, particularly after the monkey army reaches the seashore opposite Lanka,  is one of the best efforts of pure imagination to be found in the Ramayana. Years later, this virtue also helped Hanuman submit himself to the buoyant valour of Rama’s children, Luv and Kush. Serious but never solemn, Hanuman ever taunted his half-brother Bheema, the Pandava prince, who was out on a quest for the flower Kalyanasaugandhika. This incident, in fact is one of the most charming and popular episodes in the Mahabharata.