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Alabaster Jewelry Box



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Product Weight:  335 gm.
Product Size:  4"W x 3"H x 1.50"D
Product Material:  Alabaster stone with gem stone inlay (lapis, malachite, carnelian, jasper etc)

Quick Overview:

In this beautiful alabaster jewelry box, alabaster stone is used with gem stone inlay (lapis, malachite, carnelian, jasper etc) in a most artistic manner to create a sizzling item that is a darling to every woman f fashion. Your jewelries look even more beautiful in this spectacular box that has been given a finer touch by the artist. The finer kinds of alabaster are used largely as an ornamental stone, especially for ecclesiastical decoration and for the rails of staircases and halls. Its softness enables it to be carved readily into elaborate forms, but its solubility in water renders it unsuitable for outdoor work. If alabaster with a smooth, polished surface is washed with dish washing liquid, it will become rough, dull and whiter, losing most of its translucency and lustre.