Large Ganesha Statue-5.3' Ft. High

Large Ganesha Statue-5.3' Ft. High
Product Code :357
Material :Black Indian Marble
Size :63"


Lord of the hearts and “remover of obstacles” Lord Ganesha or ganpati holding bowl of laddoos in a hand,this beautiful sculpture of the Elephant God is carved out from a single block of black marble from Rajasthan,a splendid masterpiece with deft carving is a fine examplary of age old Indian craftsmenship. Bangles,armlets,anklets bracelets,earrings and necklaces.... the whole Ganesha figure is embellished with heavy ornamentation work,the waist is surrounded by heavily jewelled belt,the study of anatomy is remarcable,the broad shoulders ,pot belly covered by long necklaces,flexible fingures and nails with a minute detail is noticable,not a single part of the statue is overlooked by the sculptor. With a slight bend in his right leg the great son of the Lord Shiva and Parvati is standing here in a relaxed manner to bless his devotees.  

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