'Lord Varaha' Incarnation of God Vishnu - Pendant

'Lord Varaha' Incarnation of God Vishnu - Pendant
Product Code :4666
Material :Sterling silver, glass, watercolors
Size :1.25" Diam


A beautiful hand painted pendant of Lord Varaha - the third Avatar of the Hindu Godhead Vishnu, in the form of a Varaha or Boar. He appeared in order to defeat Hiranyaksha, a demon who had taken Prithvi (Earth) and carried it to the bottom of what is described as the cosmic ocean in the story. The battle between Varaha and Hiranyaksha is believed to have lasted for a thousand years, which the former finally won. Varaha carried the Earth out of the ocean between his tusks and restored it to its place in the universe. Vishnu married Prithvi (Bhudevi) in this avatar.

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