Lord Vishnu Seated on Garuda - Patachitra Painting

Lord Vishnu Seated on Garuda - Patachitra Painting
Product Code :2623
Material :Patti paper (cotton and paper togather)
Size : 7" x 5"


The beautiful Patachitra painting of Lord Vishnu on His vehicle Garuda is given a spectacular treatment. The background of the clouds are also beautifully treated.

There is an interesting story about Garuda’s birth.

According to the epic, when Garuda was first born out of an egg, he appeared as a raging inferno equal to the cosmic conflagration that consumes the world at the end of every age. Frightened, the gods prayed for mercy. Garuda, hearing their plea, reduced himself in size and energy.

Garuda's father was the creator-rishi Kasyapa, mother Vinata, whose sister was Kadru, the mother of serpents. Vinata lost a bet and became enslaved to her sister. Garuda approached the serpents. He was told that they would free his mother if Garuda could bring them the elixir of immortality, also called amrita. The amrita at that time was in the possession of the gods, who guarded it jealously, since it was the source of their immortality. They had ringed the elixir with a massive fire that covered the sky. They had blocked the way to the elixir with a fierce mechanical contraption of sharp rotating blades. And finally, they had stationed two gigantic poisonous snakes next to the elixir as deadly guardians.

Garuda defeated the gods and took the elixir into his mouth. He came toward the eagerly waiting serpents. En route, he encountered Vishnu. Rather than fight, the two exchanged promises. Vishnu promised Garuda the gift of immortality even without drinking from the elixir, and Garuda promised to become Vishnu's mount. At last, Garuda could liberate his mother Vinata.

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