The Auspicious Conch - Crystal Sculpture

The Auspicious Conch - Crystal Sculpture
Product Code :B2408
Material :Quartz Crystal
Size :1.50"L x 1.10"W
Weight :16 gm.


The beautiful gemstone figure of crystal conch is given a spectacular and refine treatment with a greater sense of perfection. A precision of a surgeon is manifest in the completion of the conch, an auspicious icon for the Hindus.

According to Hindu mythology, Paanchajanya, the first Dakshinavrutha Sankham (conch), emerged during the churning of the Ksheerasagara (ocean of milk) by the devas (gods) and asuras (demons). As the conch rose out of the ocean, its tremendous decibel frightened the demons. They appealed to Vishnu for protection. Lord Vishnu obliged, taking charge of the conch shell.

The primordial sound of creation, that is the Omkar or Pranavanadham, was thereby controlled. Hence forth, it became a part of Vishnu's five weapons. He adds: "In his various avatars, Vishnu has used all weapons to destroy evil forces. Only the conch shell and the sword remain. These, I believe, he will use in the present yuga on donning the Kalki avatar."

Conch shells have a significant place in Indian mythology. "Even in the great epic Mahabharata, these were given a lot of importance. Each conch shell had a specific name. Krishna's conch shell was known as Paanchajanya, Arjuna's Devdutta, Bhima's Paundra, Yudhisthira's Anantavijaya, Nakula's Sughosa and Sahadeva's was known as Manipushpaka.

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