Birth Festival Of The Lord

Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. This day is one of the most popular in Hindu festivals.It is the day most sacred to Lord Ganesha. It falls on the 4th day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada (August-September). It is observed throughout India, as well as by devoted Hindus in all parts of the world Clay figures of the Deity are made and after being worshipped for two days or in some cases after ten days they are merged into the water. 

Ganesha was a moving spirit for the Indian nationalists. It was around 1893 that the great nationalist Balgangadhar Tilak began to organize the Ganesh Utsav and the festival was a rallying point for the nationalists. As a social and religious function Ganesha Chaturthi has been celebrated throughout Maharashtra with great enthusiasm since.

Without the Grace of Sri Ganesha and His help nothing whatsoever can be achieved. No action can be undertaken without His support, Grace or blessing. Indeed, he is the most popular deity in todays India.   

Ganesh is usually depicted colored red; as one tusk broken, and has four arms that may hold a pasam, a goad, and a pot of rice or sweets.His appetite for these sweets is legendary and offerings of them are often left at his shrine. With enormous body and appetite, he rides a small mouse! He has big ears and small eyes. For his super intellect and sharp memory, he is humble and served as a scribe to great Vyasa who wrote (dictated) the Mahabharata. He is considered Ameya (beyond measure), and aprameya (beyond visualization (riddles)). It is perhaps only to represent the omniscient form of the almighty that Ganesha is worshipped. Statues of Ganesh can be found in most Indian towns. His image is placed where new houses are to be built; he is honoured at the start of a journey or business venture, and poets traditionally invoke him at the start of a book.

According to Tantra Philosophy He is the presiding Deity of the Muladhara Chakra, the psychic centre in the body in which the Kundalini Shakti resides.

Rainy season occupies a very important place in the Indian subcontinent and the Ganesh festival is the most important event during this period. In the south of the Vindhyas, idols of the Lord Ganesha prepared from clay are worshipped by the Hindus. Special delicacies of coconut, rice flour and jaggery, called modakas are offered to this god and many cultural events are organized on the occasion.

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