Large Statues of Buddha in India

Lord Buddha Although India is country where Hindus are in large number but in idol worship Buddhist are not behind. They have built many sculptures of Buddha in India. In India, Bodh Gaya is famous as the holiest place of Buddhists. This is the place where Lord Buddha planted the seed of Buddhism, through his teachings and preaching. Thus, it can be said that in Indian statues Buddha has large amount of sharing. For two millions of people in the world, Buddhism is the religion. The word Buddhism is originated from the world “budhhi” that means “to wake up”. Buddhism was originated about 2500 years ago, when “Buddha”, also known as, Siddhartha Gotama was enlightened. Buddha got knowledge or awakened at the age of 35. Presently there are 8 million Buddhists in India. From which there are somewhere 58.3% people belong to Maharashtra, in Karnataka there are 3.9 lakh Buddhist, in Uttar Pradesh there are 3.0 lakh Buddhists and so on. There are many large statues of God and Goddess in India but the statues of Buddha has covered a large place in India. There are several cities that have big statues of Buddha such as, 1) Kagyu Monestry (Dehradun): A large statue of standing Lord Buddha is located in Kagyu Monestry in Dehradun. Height of this statue is 107ft. 2) Rajgir (Bihar): A very beautiful statue of Buddha is located in Rajgir, Bihar. This statue of Buddha is in sitting posture. Buddha lived here for several years and spread his teaching. 3) Bodhgaya (Bihar): This statue is of 80 ft, this statue is built by 120000 stone masons. This is another statue of Lord Buddha, which is in sitting posture. This sculpture took many years to get completed. 4) Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh): This statue of Buddha is 18 metres high, and its weight is near about 350 tons, this is one of the tallest statues of Buddha. This statue is a single marble of white colour. This statue is the main source of attraction of tourist of Secunderabad and Hyderabad, because there is a common link between these two cities i.e. Hussain Sagar, where this statue is located. 5) Belum Caves (Andhra Pradesh): Jains and Buddhists monks from many years live in the cave of Belam. Near the cave, there is a hillock, where a big statue of Buddha is located. 6) Bojjanakonda (Andhra Pradesh): A very beautiful statue of Lord Buddha is in Andhra Pradesh, this is a rock cut image. Bojjanakonda is near Anakapalle of Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh. In the district of Andhra Pradesh, it is one of the two hillocks near Anakapalle. Both of the places have fine-looking caves with stunning rock cuts. It has many monolithic stupas, these images are too old, and it is believed that it is built between 4th A.D to 9th A.D. 7) Norbulingka (Himachal Pradesh): A stunning Norbulingka Institute in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. In Norbulingka Institute there is a spiritual centre- Deden Tsuglagkhang Temple, in which an image of Buddha Shakyamuni is located. This image is of golden colour, it is made up of copper statue.

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