Bring nature closer home with Madhubani paintings

Are you keen to bring into your drawing room an element of ethnic beauty? Or Are you a big fan of Mother Nature? Do you want to keep it inside your home? There is a way. You may hang a number of Rajasthani wall hangings or put some Madhubani paintings in your room. Both the wall hangings and paintings will create a natural ambience inside your room. You will feel like living within nature. Such paintings will also create a refreshing aura in the home. Madbhubani when literally translated into English means forests of honey. Such paintings carry the message of nature. The importance of nature in our life. Without nature human beings can’t survive. These paintings reflect the symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

Madhubani painting is also known as Mithila Art since this genre is based on Mithila region of Bihar. The painting is marked by line drawings filled in by bright colours and contrasts or patterns. Though traditionally done by the women folk of the region, nowadays men are also involved in the process. These are basically tribal art which are marked by the application of strong earthly colours. Madhubani paintings are done with mineral pigments prepared by the artists. The work is done on freshly plastered or a mud wall. But nowadays, to meet the growing commercial demand, such paintings are also done on paper, cloth and canvas. All colors for the painting are prepared of natural ingredients like soot, turmeric and milk of banyan leaves, red from kusam flower juice. All the paintings are done with fingers, nib-pens and matchsticks. The paintings have relevance for every festival and occasion.

Such paintings are quite rich in natural elements as 

the painters use traditional motifs in their products. The rich are seen buying such Madhubani paintings to decorate their drawing rooms.

Significantly, Mithila is the birth place of Sita, the legendary wife of Lord Ramchandra. So religious point of view as well Madhubani paintings are important for any Hindu family.

Borders play a pivotal role in Madhubani Paintings and borders are done with double lines and they surround the painting with unbroken continuity. They can have linear patterns, asymmetric swirling motifs, scrolling lines and geometrical motifs. Figurative natural motifs used in borders are fish, lotus, sun, abstract peacock, and parrot to name few. While geometrical motifs used are triangle, circle, semi-circle and square. Such borders can be simply drawn in black or only single colour can be added. Colours in border are added keeping in mind the colours used in painting. Colours in border can be complimentary or contrasting in nature.

So get some really cool Madhubani paintings for your drawing room and add its beauty and natural vibe.

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