Decorate your home with Batik Paintings

Are you an aficionado of paintings? Indian traditional paintings have a rich legacy. Since ages, paintings, murals have attracted many. One such rich genre of paintings is Batik Painting. Batik is one of the most popular genres of paintings in India. Literally meaning 'wax writing', it is a rich genre that has been continuing generations after generations.

Batik prints of West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu are known for their originality, uniqueness and fineness. Batik is the art of creating images on the cotton cloth using wax resist method.

A batik artist needs to have a good sense of colors and patterns. In fact, patterns are pivotal for the beauty of any Batik painting. Though the motifs used in batik are simple, knowledge of color gradations and tack to remove wax finely are required. The method of waxing and dewaxing, though a long process, gives rise to a special effect here.

Applying the wax resist and systematic cracking are the key to a beautiful art piece. The characteristic batik effect is created by cracking of wax on the lighter hues and seeping in of the darker colors though them.

The method of waxing and dewaxing has created a nice effect in the painting and has given a different pattern to the painting. Batik is one of the most popular forms of paintings in India and has been in practice for more than 2000 years.

Hindu gods such as Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Parvati, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Lakshmi are finely depicted and naturally your home will get a spiritual touch once you hang these masterpieces in your home. Such Batik paintings will make your home a true holy place and a sense of spiritualism will prevail.

Apart from the spiritual value attached to such paintings, Batik paintings also have their share of aesthetic importance. Any art lover will appreciate the beauty of such creation. Elegant and natural masterpieces will enliven your home décor.

Nature earth gets a vivid portrayal in any Batik work. So, if you want to take nature to your home, buy a batik painting today itself. It will add some more sparks to your home décor.

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