Fill your room with positivism

Positive energy in your house is key to happiness and peace in the family. We all love peace and happiness. Vaastu principles provide us the key as how to fill our home with positive energy. Vaastu principles are quite easy to follow. What to do is to make some simple changes in your home and its decorations. You must follow these simple tips to instill a sense of positivism in your home.   


First of all, opt for painting your walls with white, light blue and dark green colours. These colours will add a sense of positivism in the room.

Secondly, choose tasteful lights, chandeliers, book shelves, vases, for the room. They will perk you up early in the morning and also at dusk.

You must position your sofas or chairs for that matter in the south and west areas of the drawing room.

Placement of the study table is equally important. Place the study table, the wardrobe and the bed in the south-west part of the room.

Eating food together is a great feeling and also key to happiness in the house. Place the dining table in the north-west of the kitchen and eat together.

Paintings add to peace and tranquility in your home. You should go for paintings showcasing natural landscape, temples, prominent figures etc.

Entrance or main door to your home is like a channel to peace and happiness. You should decorate the entrance with sentinels, shankanidhi and padmanidhi emanating coins; kuladevta, ashtamangala, Goddess Lakshmi, cow with her calf, swastika, Aum, rangoli, shubh labh, et al to ward off negative influences

For constant blessings from your ancestors you can place photographs of ancestors in the south western area of the house.

You can mount clocks on the eastern, western or northern wall.

A puja room is an essential part of your home. Position the puja room in the north east corner of the house.


After following the above principles, you must avoid certain things. You must not install any kind of mirrors in study rooms and opposite beds. This will disturb your peace and tranquility.

Refrain from placing plants like cactus and bonsai inside the house. These plants are not good for peace in your home.

Stuffed animals, and picture frames and figurines with scary marks, war scenes, nudity, violence, weeping images, conflicting colours etc must not be used in your room.

You must not bring shoes inside the bedroom. Their best place is in the verandah.

Abstain from painting your walls red, grey and black. They will disturb your peace.

Avoid keeping fountains and aquariums in the bedroom and study room. They may disturb your peace and concentration.  

Refrain from placing pictures, paintings or images of pigs, eagles, pigeons, crows, owls, vultures, snakes, tigers, lions, wolves, bears, jackals, wild asses, hounds etc.

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