Give an ethnic touch to your home

We all are fond of ethnic beauty. Ethnicity has something to it that touches our heart. Traditional touch makes our home more homely. It gives a more local flavour to our sweet home. Traditional values have strong bonding with its members in the family. Traditional values also go a long way to bind the family members together and it instills a sense of belongingness. Traditional values are quite stronger in our society and Hindus cherish them a lot. In order to inculcate such values among the family members, one must change the decorations in one’s home.

Here are some ways to lend a traditional touch to your home.

Adding even one ethnic sculpture at the entrance of the home will give a deep traditional touch to your home. This could be something religious or purely aesthetic, which is up to you.

Paintings can also add a traditional touch to your home. Get some paintings with ethnic look, using vibrant, traditional colours, motifs, symbols, or landscapes. You may go for one large painting that looks over your entire living space. You can also opt for several small paintings strewn all over your home.

Madhubani, Worli, Kalamkari, Batik are some of the ethnic paintings that will really change the very ambience of your home. You may buy any of such paintings or even a variety of them to give your home a deep ethnic touch and look.

Furniture is like the soul of the house. It is the main course of the meal. You can really invest in them. You may go for one or several pieces of traditional furniture that will bring in the ethnic vibe into your room. You may opt for antique furniture. Such antique furniture will make a lasting impression on anybody visiting your home.

You may also add a strong ethnic touch to your room by using traditional or ethnic accessories. Traditional earthen pots, wooden panels, door hangings, wall hangings, wind chimes, etc, some of the traditional accessories that will help you give an ethnic touch to every room.

You can also change your boring electronic doorbell with a posy of rustic bells or a traditional knocker.

Display a few copper bowls with either lotus plants or floating candles to welcome your guests.

Put a colourful rangoli or rangoli sticker to make your entrance alluring. You could also have handprints on the wall.

Replace your present upholstery with one made from hand woven materials - mirror-work, embroidered or beaded cushion covers, block-printed with vegetable dyes for the archetypal Indian aura. You may put some religious sculptures in your home.

You can also light up lamps, lanterns, candles and diyas to add to the ethnic look.


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