Keep your home clean as per Vaastu principles

Home is where the heart is, so goes an old adage. Literally so. We all feel comfortable at home with our family members. Home is like a temple and for this matter it is key to keep your home clean.

Cleaning is an important daily job to make sure your home is dust- and clutter-free and all the people in home healthy. A clean and organised home also attracts wealth and positivity around.

Vaastu attaches importance on the task of cleaning, which includes surface cleaning, maintenance of furniture, fabric and upholstery as well as decluttering.

Vaastu experts are of the view that a well-maintained home pleases the goddess of wealth Lakshmi and invites her blessings.

Vaastu tips for house cleaning

First of all, home cleaning jobs should not be undertaken during or after sunset as it may not please Goddess Lakshmi. Such activities should be taken up early in the morning. This is the ideal time to clean the house.

To keep your home clean and free from all evil spirits, use sea salt water to mop the floors and delicate items. This will bring prosperity to the household. Sea salt is regarded as auspicious in Hindu mythology and is used in various religious rituals as well. One may also keep a bowl of sea salt in the bedroom or the washroom which will remove negative energies from the house.

Don’t keep chipped wall plaster and creaky doors or windows. They are a sign of Vaastu defect. You must repair them immediately.

Newspapers, cardboards or damaged furniture and such other unwanted items are considered source of negativity in the home. Create a storeroom in the southwest corner of the house. Do not keep such items on the roof or terrace.

One must clean the dishes and utensils regularly.

Follow these simple tips and ensure a happy and healthy life for every member of the family.

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