Kundan Jewellery – The Heritage Of The Royals

What’s India without its rich heritage of glamorous jewellery? We have such exquisite styles & such a huge variety to choose from that we, Indian women, feel incomplete without our jeweled treasures. Kundan is one such form of traditional Indian gemstone jewellery that had originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan & Gujarat and is said to be one of the oldest styles of jewellery to have been worn by women in India. 

Kundan is originally the highly refined gold used for the jewellery or the technique of making this particular type of ornaments. This kind of jewellery-making requires well-cut & polished gemstones to be set in a grip of molten 24 carat gold which are then set on a base of beaten gold sheet. More elaborate designs of Kundan jewellery also include artistic meenakari work along with intricate

 designs in gold & precious gems. Apart from being an integral accessory of the royalty, Kundan jewellery has, since time immemorial, been rendered as an important part of the traditional bridal trousseau. 

Although originally a symbol of opulence & magnificence, with the advent of imitation Kundan jewellery, today this beautiful style of jewellery is being adorned by masses too. Designers are creating exquisite new variations of traditional Kundan designs and coming up with beautiful contemporary Kundan pieces. What’s more, you can wear your Kundan to dress up your traditional attire as well as jazz up a dress or jumpsuit with a statement Kundan piece!


So, go ahead, indulge in opulent Kundan jewellery and feel like a royal! 

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