Writing of Mahabharatha

Mahabharatha is one of the greatest epics of the Hindus. It was authored by the sage Vyasa. Lord Ganesha was his scribe. Ganesha wrote the Mahabharatha using the tip of his right tusk as a pen according to the scriptures Vyasa was thinking of dictating the epic, The Mahabharata, to some one. But he wanted some one capable of writing fast and without mistakes. Brahma decided that Ganapati was the only person equal to this great task. He sent Ganapati. He came to Vyasa and said,"Bhagavan, I will take down the story of the Mahabharata." Vyasa said,"My dear Ganesha, I shall dictate the poem quite fast. Can you take down without any mistakes? Ganesha threw a challenge in return:"Bhagavan, I shall write as fast as you dictate and that, correctly.But once you start dictating you should not stop till you complete it.Do you agree?" Vyasa Maharshi accepted the challenge. After they had come to this agreement, Vyasa went on dictating the story and Ganapati wrote down it. So the world got the great epic and the credit for that goes to a great extent to the benign Lord of wisdom, Lord Ganesha.

In due course of time, Ganesha had also become popular in countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and ofcourse the western countries as well,Many archaeological excavations in these countries have proved his popularity in ancient times. Many legends have grown up around this deity.

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