Thai Buddha - Resin Sculpture 6.5"

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  • Product Code :2485
  • Material :Resin
  • Size : 6.50"H x 4"W x 1.50"D

    The beautiful resin figure of Lord Buddha is given a refine exquisite treatment with a greater degree of refinement and minute carving. Thai Buddha refers to a statue of Buddha that either resides in, or was created in, the country of Thailand. The Sukhothai period brought forth an interpretation of the Thai Buddha that is elegant, with sinuous bodies and slender, oval faces. This style emphasised the spiritual aspect of the Buddha by omitting anatomical details. The effect was enhanced by the common practice of casting images in metal rather than carving them. This period saw the introduction of the "walking Buddha" pose. Sukhothai artists tried to follow the defining marks of a Buddha set out in ancient Pali texts:

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