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About the AuthorElisabeth Benard became interested in India at the age of twelve years when...
The Art of Ancient India
To scholars in the field, the need for an up-to-date overview of the art of...
The Emptiness of Emptiness
The Madhyamika or Middle Way, a school of Buddhist thought that originated in India in...
Tantric Revisionings by Geoffrey Samuel
Tantric Revisionings presents stimulating new perspectives on Hindu and Budhist religion, particularly their Tantric versions,...
Principles of Buddhist Tantra
This work is a textual based discourse on the Cittavisuddhi-prakarana of Aryadeva, a seminal text...
The Chinese Hevajratantra
The Hevajrantra, the well-known Anuttarayogatantra, about `unsurpassed yoga`, is a direct successor of the Tattvasamgraha,...
The Theory and Practice of Mantra
The contents of this book focus on the evolution and practice of mantra. This work...
The Rise of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet
In most Asian countries esoteric Buddhism (Tantrayana) declined in the past, while the Tibetans alone...
Bauddha Darshan tatha anya Bharatiya Darshan
Bauddha Darshan tatha anya Bharatiya Darshan (Pratham Bhag): Aetihasik Shodhpurna, Pakshapatrahit, Tulnatamak Vivechan
The Path of Serenity and Insight
"In the oldest scriptures of Theravada Buddhism much attention is given to the jhanas, high...
Seven Works of Vasubandhu
About the Book:Vasubandhu, one of the most famous Mahayana Buddhist Philosophers, wrote works on a...
Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism
About the AuthorDaisetz Teitaro Suzuki was Professor of Buddhist Philosophy at the Otani University, Kyoto....
Cult of Nothingness - The Philosophers and the Buddha
From the JacketThe common Western understanding of Buddhism today envisions this major world religion as...
Buddha's Ancient Path
From the Jacket:This is a book on basic Buddhism with a difference, for it is...
Splendour of Buddhism
From the Jacket The book -make a brief survey of Buddhism in some of its...
Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
About the Book:This book gives an account of the life of the Buddha and an...
Tibetan Religious Art
Art in Tibet is expression of the religion. It is regarded not as a work...
Living by Zen
From the Jacket:The book contains a number of essays which D.T. Suzuki wrote from time...
Early Buddhist Monachism
About the BookThis treatise on the growth and early development of the Sangha (Buddhist Monastic...
Buddhist Annals and Chronicles of South-East Asia
The annals and chronicles are Important for a study of political, religious, cultural and literary...
Buddhism: A Religion of Salvation
From the Jacket:Buddhism as a religion of salvation is not so much concerned with the...
The Surangama Sutra (Leng Yen Ching)
The Surangama Sutra, or Leng Yen Ching, is a Buddhist apocalyptic text, which, alongwith an...
A Manual of Buddhism In its modern development
From the JacketMrs Rhys Davids, A Manual of Buddhism delves deep into the Pali Pitakas...
Essays in Zen Buddhism Third Series
From the Jacket:In this book the author has tried to trace the relationship which exists...
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