Companion to North Indian Classical Music

Companion to North Indian Classical Music
Product Code :BK7614
Material :Hard Cover
Size :10" x 6.5"
Weight :1 kg.
Author :Satyendra K. Sen Chib
ISBN :9788121510905
Publisher :Munshiram Manoharlal Publication Pvt.Ltd
Edition :2013
Cover :Hard Cover
Language :English
Pages :542


About the Book:- With growing interest in North Indian classical music both in India and abroad and inspite of several book on specific topics which have appeared in recent ties there was a need for a comprehensive reference book in English which would give adequate and precise information on various aspects of North Indian or Hindustani classical music at one place. For general readers student and practicing musicians the companion to North Indian classical Music has served to fill this gap with more than 1200 entire this book gives in an intelligible and straightforward manner information about various ragas of Hindustani classical music and their structure and ethos nomenclature and terms in currency historical background and development of form and various genres and gharans: biographical notes about outstanding artists and performers both vocalists and instrumentalists of the twentieth century along with performers ascending with the twenty first century. It also includes musicologists of note and information about various musical instruments and their evolution. Some notations used in this book have been revised. The appendices include a comprehensive list of ragas and their scales etc. and the discography gives deals of cassettes and CDs to facilitate listening to good music and performances by maestros. Beside correcting some errors and providing for omission this second revised edition of the companion included new material.

About the Author:- Satyendra K. Sen Chib (b. 1926 at Ferozepur Punjab) studied at Govt. college, Ludhiana and Govt. College, Lahore and has a master degree in English literature from a young age he had an active interst in classical music and was trained as a practicing violinist. His violin recitals were broadcasted from the Lahore and Lucknow stations of the All India Radio (AIR) in the administrative services and held senior positions in the Madhya Pradesh and central governments. His position include those of Principal secretary of several department, his position include those principal secretary of several department in the government of Madhya Pradesh; Commissioner of Rewa division: Joint secretary in the Ministry of information and Broadcasting where he was in charge of AIR and Doordarshan; Joint secretary department of Mines Ministry of steel and mines managing director food corporation of India; and vice chairman central administrative tribunal at Jabalpur form where he retired in 1991.

Cover : Hard Cover
Edition : 2013
Publisher : Munshiram Manoharlal Publication Pvt.Ltd
ISBN : 9788121510905
Language : English
Pages : 542

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