Ekadanta Mangal Ganesha - Batik Print

Ekadanta Mangal Ganesha - Batik Print
Product Code :2181
Material :Cotton cloth
Size : 32" x 22"


The beautiful Batik painting of Lord Ganesha, one of the most revered gods in Hinduism is painted in the traditional Batik style revealing a deep sense of colour and pattern. Batik prints of West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu are known for their originality, uniqueness and fineness. Batik is the art of creating images on the cotton cloth using wax resist method. Applying the wax resist and systematic cracking are the key to a beautiful art piece. The characteristic batik effect is created by cracking of wax on the lighter hues and seeping in of the darker colors though them. This Lord of Wisdom is also called Ekadanta because he has one broken tusk. It is said that this tusk broke when an elephant had his head cut off. It is also said that his tusk was knocked out by Parasurama. One day Parasurama arrived to see Siva, and Ganesh would not let him pass. When Parasurama tried to get by Ganesh they started fighting and Parasurama broke his tusk. Parvati was about to curse Parasurama, but Brahma stopped her and promised that even though he had only one tusk, that Ganesh would still be worshipped by all men and even the demigods would worship him.

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