Folk Decorative Cloth 'The Lambadi Village'

Folk Decorative Cloth 'The Lambadi Village'
Product Code :4694
Material :Old lambadi cotton cloth and Mirrors
Size :57" x 37"


A stunning piece of wall hanging with vibrant patches of rust & ocher enhanced with the red and yellow thread embroidery, the small and bold mirrors are neatly planted in an interesting manner and vivid cloth patches are assembled from the used pieces of mirror-speckled headdresses and skirts cloths worn by the 'Lambadi' women, Lambadi is a Banjara (gypsy) tribal community living on the hilly jungles of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Lambani women practice a unique mirror and embroidery craft, which they mostly use for making their own traditional dresses or for giving to their daughters for their weddings. There are 13 colors that are mostly used in Lambani embroidery, out of which; red and blue are most common.Each patch of cloth was collected and worn together very carefully, please note that some pieces of mirror may be broken and some are missing as these cloths are assembled on 'as is where is' basis.

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