Hanuman showing Ram Sita in his chest

Hanuman showing Ram Sita in his chest

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Material :Brass
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The small brass figure of Lord Hanuman, an epitome of unstinted love and dedication to his master, is given a refine touch. Here the Lord is tearing his chest to show the image of Lord Ram and Sita inside his heart. Lord Hanuman is here in a standing posture and the surrounding structure is nicely designed.

Every morning, especially Monday, chant this mantra about Hanuma: Aum aeem bhreem hanumate, shree ram dootaaya namaha’ and you will be blessed with power and energy.  

Hanuman means "one with prominent or disfigured jaw". According to another theory, his name derives from the Sanskrit terms Han ("killed" or "destroyed") and maana (pride); the name implies "one whose pride was destroyed".

Once Lord Rama summarizes attributes of Hanuman's personality in the following manner. He is the ablest sentence maker, He is the know-er of all Vedas and Scriptures, He is the scholar in nine schools of grammars and one who is possessing faultless speech and facial features.

When Lord Ramchandra returned from Lanka to Ayodhya rescuing Sita, he decided to honour all those who helped him during the time of exile and war. After being crowned as the king of Ayodhya Lord Ram organized a ceremony in which everyone came with the desire of being rewarded but Hanuman came without any such desire. But Lord Rama was very overwhelmed and embraced seeing Hanuman. Lord Ram said that he could never thank Hanuman for his noble efforts and endless services. Lord Ram Said Hanuman effort cannot be valued.

Sita gave Hanuman a precious necklace that she was wearing. Everyone in the court was shocked when Hanuman tore open the stones of the necklace and looked into each one of them. They asked him why he had torn such a valuable necklace. Hanuman answered very politely that he was looking for his Lord Rama and Sita in these stones. When he could find no trace of his Lord in them, the necklace was literally valueless to him.

Everybody in the court laughed and challenged him to show if Ram-Sita residing in him. Hanuman tore off his chest and shocked everyone presenting in the court by seeing Ram and Sits literally residing in his heart. Lord Ram and Sita both were floored by Hanuman's love and devotion for them.

Weight: 110 gm.

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