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Lord Dhanvantari is the physician of Devas and God of Health & medicine. Dhanvatari is viewed as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Dhanvantari first appeared during the great churning of the cosmic milk ocean to deliver Amrita (nectar) for the nourishment of the demigods. Lord Dhanvantari is depicted with four hands, holding medical herbs in one hand, a pot of nectar in another hand, he holds a Chakra (Disk) and a Shankha (conchshell) in other two hands, dressed in yellow garments, He has stout and strong body with all good features. He is regarded as the father of Ayurveda. It is common practice in Hinduism for worshipers to pray to Dhanvantari seeking his blessings for sound health for themselves or others.

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