Lord Gopal with Radhika - Kalamkari Painting

Lord Gopal with Radhika - Kalamkari Painting
Product Code :2530
Material :Cotton cloth
Size :44" x 36"


The beautiful Kalamkari painting celebrates the immortal love between Lord Krishna and Radhika. An immortal saga love in getting manifest in the beautiful Kalamkari painting. Lord Krishna is playing His flute as an amorous Radhika looks on. The enhancing effulgence of colours and the characters that emerge on cotton fabric, help create a resplendent spread in any Kalamkari painting. Kalamkari art is unique in its use of colour as a medium to portray mythological characters. Kalamkari is the art of painting cotton fabrics with a kalam i.e. pen, a sharp pointed pierced bamboo that regulates flow of colour on the fabric.   

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