One Faced Rudraksha Bead

One Faced Rudraksha Bead
Product Code :6199
Material :Rudraksha Bead
Size :13 mm


Ruling Deity: God Shiva
Ruling PlanetT: Sun
Beeja (Seed) Mantra: OM Hreem Namah

Ek mukhi rudraksha is one of the auspicious gift to the nature of mankind. It is one the rarest amongst all mukhis. The ruling planet is sun. It comes from Java/ Indonesia. Nepal ones are rare found. It is the king of all the beads and belongs to Lord Shiva. . Lord Shiva is the part of trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Ek mukhi rudraksha is a symbol of good hood, supreme truth and attainment of eternity. It is associated with moksha which is relief from cycle of death and birth, blessed by the lord Shiva himself.

Benefits associated with Ek Mukhi Rudraksha
• Ek mukhi rudraksha washes of all type of sins,
• gives concentration power, inner peace and to overcome stressful situation
• It increases charisma personal power and prosperity.
• The persons who worship it with devotion obtain all the pleasure during his life span and remain unaffected by them.
• Peace and pleasure abide in the house where it is worshipped.

Ek mukhi rudraksha beads may be worn around the neck as a form of protection, or on the skin in other forms of jewellery such as bracelets and earrings.

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