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Eka mukhi rudraksha is the most auspicious gift of nature to mankind and is the rarest amongst all mukhis. It is the king of all Rudraksha beads and is ruled by the pure consciousness or Paramshiva. Lord Shiva is the part of trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and is associated with Moksha which is relief from cycle of death and birth. The most powerful 1 mukhi comes from Java and Indonesia. It symbolizes the link between earth and heaven, between individual consciousness and ultimate consciousness, between man and God. Represents the energy of Lord Shiva and gives freedom from the circle of death and birth. The wearer of 1 faced Rudraksh gets both material benefits and spiritual attainments. It is the most powerful bead for meditation and spiritual attainments and destroys sins. It cures migraines within seven days of wearing and is good for removing depression, anxiety and OCD. Gives peace of mind, concentration. The mantra for one faced rudraksh is AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA; AUM HREEM NAMAH.
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