Shri Ram Darbar - Cotton Kalamkari Painting

Shri Ram Darbar - Cotton Kalamkari Painting
Product Code :4081
Material :Cotton Cloth
Size :87" x 50"


The beautiful Kalamkari painting depicts the royal court of Ayodhya in a most detailed and minute manner. Ram, Sita, Laxman, and others are given a refine treatment. Kalmakari is an ancient and exquisite art work of painted and printed fabrics and it (Kalamkari) literally means a pen work. This art genre is hand-painted and block-printed and here vegetable dyes are applied in abundance. No artificial or chemical colours are used in such paintings. With a glorious history of more than 3000 years behind this genre, Kalamkari art has evolved over time and this legacy has been handed down from generation to generation. This genre of painting goes through a vigorous process of resist dyeing and hand printing.

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