The Savior Goddess Green Tara Brass Sculpture

The Savior Goddess Green Tara Brass Sculpture

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Product Code :4597
Material :Brass
Size :10"H x 7.25"W x 6"D
Weight :3.00 kg.


The beautiful brass figure of the Green Tara is nicely carved out with some exquisite and splendid carvings on it. This Buddhist saviour-goddess has numerous manifestations and is widely popular in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia. Tara is the feminine counterpart of the Bodhisattva (or the futue Buddha) Avalokitesvara. According to popular belief, Tara came into existence from a tear of Avalokitesvara, which fell to the ground and formed a lake. Out of its waters rose up a lotus, which, on opening, revealed the goddess. Like Avalokitesvara, she is a compassionate, succoring deity who helps men "cross to the other shore." She is the protectress of navigation and earthly travel, as well as of spiritual travel along the path to Enlightenment. The Green Tara (Sanskrit: Syamatara) was believed to be incarnated as the Nepali princess. She is considered by some to be the original Tara and is the female consort or  partner of Avalokitesvara. In this beautiful brass figure, she is shown seated on a lotus throne with right leg hanging down, wearing the ornaments of a bodhisattva.

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