Decorate Your Home with Dhokra Crafts

Are you fond of the traditional art and crafts? Are you passionate about decorating your interiors with such traditional masterpieces? In fact we all love to bring nature close to our home. Traditional values, art pieces give us immense joy. If you are particular about increasing the décor value in your home bring some of the traditional and tribal artefacts into your home. One such popular work of art is that of Dhokra art.

Beautiful Dhokra art works reveal a greater degree of gracefulness and accomplishment. Meaning "oldest," dhokra is a crafting tradition dating as far back as 2000 B.C. Dhokra art is largely associated with the tribal groups of northern India, including Vindhyas and the Eastern Ghats, Bihar and its surroundings, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Simplicity in expression, vibrant look, local themes are some of the defining characteristics of these Dhokra artefacts.

Myriad images are cast in the dhokra tradition as artisans preserve their millenary culture, custom and belief through the wondrous pieces they create.

Beautiful figures of the gods and goddesses are crafted out of brass in the traditional Dhokra style. These figurines reveal a greater degree of gracefulness and accomplishment. These works also showcase a rich legacy and traditional values of the tribal people. These works are given detail and refine treatment.

These beautiful Dhokra artifacts also reveal the simple life of the tribal people. The inhabitants of the jungle are going out to forest in numbers to collect wood and fruits. The male-female groups are holding axe and other essential things on their head and back. Artisans preserve their millenary culture, custom and belief through the wondrous pieces they create.

The simplicity and the easy going nature of the tribal life is manifest in these beautiful Dhokra works.

Some of the figures are also adorned nicely with lot of tribal ornaments. Dhokra technique is also a laborious lost wax process practiced in the region. First, a model is sculpted of clay and dried in the sun; it is then covered with beeswax and more clay, forming a mold. The piece is cast, cleaned and again dried in the sun. Finally, it is heated in the ground for five days and polished.

So these Dhokra art works will enhance the décor quotient in your home. Buy these Dhokra artefacts online and give a traditional look to your home. 


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