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Batik Painting-Young Siddhartha
  • Product Code :1291
  • Material :Cotton Cloth
  • Size :44"x34"

Lord Buddha, who was living a luxurious life when he was young has been painted in this beautiful Batik painting. He was the prince of Kapilabastu and like other princes for him too life was a bed of roses. Here he has been painted with heavy dose of bangles and drapery. The manner the artist has painted the work has made it doubly clear that he has a clear sense of colour gradations and lines. The figure has been depicted in a joyful manner.

Specification Product Code :1291 Material :Cotton Cloth Size :44"x34" Description Lord Buddha, who was living...
Bhagwan Tathagata (Lord Buddha) Batik Painting

The beautiful painting of Lord Gautam Buddha has been cast in the traditional Batik style. Seated in a meditative posture, the Lord is preaching his disciples about the spirit of non-violence and truth. The figure of the apostle of truth has been given a majestic treatment by the painter and the method of dewaxing has given an appealing and resplendent impact to the painting.

The beautiful painting of Lord Gautam Buddha has been cast in the traditional Batik style....
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Buddha & Sujata - Batik Painting 45"
  • Product Code :2324
  • Material :Cotton cloth
  • Size : 45" x 32"

    Long time ago when Buddha was on his quest to attain enlightenment was doing severe penance so He became weak, tired and hungry He took for rest under a peepal or bodhi tree in Gaya near Varanasi ( Benaras). There was a woman by the name of Sujata who at that time preparing her choicest food for offer to the same peepal tree. It is a tradition in India from the ancient times to offer food in respect of trees and things related to nature as Hindus believe that the spirit or supreme self existed in each and every partical of universe. She was preparing to offer food to the tree and saw the Buddha in a shining body. She saw the tree spirit appearing in person to accept the food. Sujata offered some food to Buddha. When Buddha consumed the food He realised the Supreme Truth that neither extreme self indulgence nor self mortification is required. Its needed to follow the Middle Path. To symbolised this event, Sujata Sthan or Durgeshwari Temple is there in Gaya today.

    Specification Product Code :2324 Material :Cotton cloth Size : 45" x 32" Description Long time...
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