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Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan (3 Vols.)
"This work relates to the (erstwhile) Central and Western Rajput States of India. It embodies...
Ecology and Archaeology of Kosal Region
The authoress in this monument, in-depth, highlights the palaeoecological perspectives of the Kosal region which...
Aspects of Medieval Indian Architecture
Contents:- 1 History and Archaeology2 Growth of Architecture in Medieval India3 Urban Punjab : Historical...
Art of Mountain Temples
Based on an in-situ study of the art and architecture of various temples in Himachal...
Sakti in Indian Archaeology, Art, Literature and philosphy
This is a volume comprising of selected papers presented in National Seminar on 'Shakti in...
Ancient Indian Religious Architecture Beyond the Sectarian Boundaries
The present Volume is the latest endeavour to freshly enquire into the relevance and validity...
Temples of South Kosala
The present piece of work is the outcome of the holistic, original documentation and survey...
Neolithic Cultures of South India
The book Neolithic Cultures of South India deals with cultural changes and adaptations of the...
Cultural Contours of Vedic and Post Vedic Age
Specification Product Code :BK7752 Size :26 CM Author :Dr.Sushma ISBN :9789173201585 Publisher :Agam Kala Prakashan...
The Temples of Bikkavolu
This book is a pioneering study on the contribution of Eastern Chalukyas to the art...
Ayodhya: The Abode of Rama & the Dharmaksetra of Lord Buddha & the Tirthankaras
About the Book :The religion-urban life of Ayodhya is attractive. Being the birthplace of Rama,...
The Gupta Empire
The present work describes the material and moral progress which India had achieved during the...
History and Archaeology of Black and Red Ware by H.N. Singh
The Art of India through the Ages
Although the poetry and philosophy of India were discovered by Europeans over a hundred years...
The Hindu Temple (2 Vols.)
This two-volume work explains in detail the religious and spiritual significance of the temple by...
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