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Saundaryalahari of Sankaracarya
Saundaryalahari is a rare Tantric work whose authorship is attributed to Samkaracarya. It is a...
Vedic Physics
The present volume on Vedic Physics by Keshav Dev Verma is indeed a unique attempt...
Vedic Mathematics for All Ages
The author has attempted to codify several useful results embedded in the ancient lore, in...
Sunya and Nothingness
In this book the author analyzes the concepts of sunya (zero), void, nothing and other...
Kalatattvakosa (Vol. 6) A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Appearance/Symbolic Form Abhasa
Kalatattvakosa series of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts has endeavoured to evolve...
Kalatattvakosa (Vol. 5) A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Art
This series endeavoured to evolve an important modern device to grasp the essential thought and...
Kalatattvakosa Vol. 4 - Manifestation of Nature Srsti Vistara
This constitues the first volume of the series. It indicates the scope of the project...
Inscriptions of the Sarabhapuriyas, Panudvamsins and Somavamsins (2 Vols.)
This work is a product of the Inscriptions of India Programme of the Indian Council...
A Concise Introduction to Indian Medicine
A Concise Introduction to Indian Medicine: Le Medecine indienne
The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats
The theory of humors, vital fluids whose proportions in the human body determine its health...
Healing Our Hormones Healing Our Lives (Medicine & Spirituality)
ISBN(Hardbound): 8178223953, 9788178223957Series: Medicine & Spirituality Pages: xii, 232 Language: English Year of Pub.: 2013...
Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic Practices
The first part of the book deals with only that part of the basic anatomy...
Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda
Soma is one of the key words in the ancient traditions of India. It stands...
The neti pot is one of the most popular new methods of personal hygiene and...
Vedic Health Care System
Sushrut Samhita is the epic of Shalya Chikitsa. Shalya is the study of imbalance of...
Tibetan Ayurveda
Tibetan medicine was probably the first truly integrated system of ancient healing science. Tibetan Ayurveda...
Making Health Care Whole (Medicine & Spirituality)
The primary goal of the series is to explore and study the relationship between spirituality...
Gems from the Ocean of Spiritual Hindu Thought
The ocean of Hindu scriptural wisdom in the form of teachings of ancient masters of...
The ABC's of Chakra Therapy
The ABC's of Chakra Therapy is a practical, user-friendly guidebook that leads you on a...
The House Of Kanooru
From Kannada's first Jnanpith award winner, a landmark of modern fiction that documents a vanishing...
The Essentials of Indian Philosophy
The present work is a simpler and shorter account of the author's previously published Outline...
A Rapid Sanskrit Method
Here is a textbook of Sanskrit grammar whose popularity with teachers and students alike has...
Life Surrendered in God
Kriyas are the constructive actions we contribute to our total wellness and enlightnment, as well...
Life Surrendered in God
Kriyas are the constructive actions we contribute to our total wellness and enlightnment, as well...
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