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About the AuthorElisabeth Benard became interested in India at the age of twelve years when...
Inner Tantric Yoga
Inner Tantric yoga presents the deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine...
The Transcendental Non-Dualism of Trika Saivism
The basic principle of Kashmir Saivism is that consciousness alone is real, and that which...
From Dualism to Non-Dualism
From Dualism to Non-Dualism: A Study of the Evolution of Saivite ThoughtThe religious history of...
Laksmi Tantra (A Pancaratra Text)
About the Book:Otto Schrader in 1916 recommended the Lakshmi Tantra for the study of Pancaratra...
Sharada Pradeep
Sharada Pradeep: Elevation of Education, Spiritual Remedies.
Mahisasuramardini In Art, Iconography and Cult Practices
Saktism, the concept of Śakti, the source of all energies of the Universe plays a...
Mother Goddess in Central India
Author : Misra, O. P.Edition : 1985Language : EnglishSize & Pages : Size 26 cm,...
Iconography of Parvati
Edition : 1981Language : EnglishSize & Pages : Size 23 cm, pp. 96, Illus., 1981Publisher...
Book Of Kali
One of the most unconventional yet immensely popular deities in the Hindu pantheon, goddess Kali...
'Devi : The Devi Bhagavatam Retold
Specification Product Code :BK8685 Size :8.8" x 6.1" x 1.5" Weight :630g. Author :Ramesh Menon...
The Nation as Mother And Other Visions of Nationhood
History matters in contemporary debates on nationalism,' Sugata Bose contends in The Nation as Mother....
Sri Vidhanarva Tantra (Set Of 5 Vols.)
Language: hindi Pages: 2209 Introduction Ever since the dawn of Hindu civilisation and culture the...
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