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50 Great Curries Of India

This is the most intelligent book ever written about indian food not only does it include the finest recipes of a vanishing india, but it also displays a thoughtful understanding of the origins, ingredients and philosophy of our cuisine-vir sanghvi editor, sundaycamellia panjabi is arguably indias foremost gourmet and food expert her profound knowledge will always be an inspiration to me her book is a culinary milestonepat chapman founder of the curry club very different from all previous indian cookery books its author is the ultimate source of many of the recipes in the indian cookery books with which we western cooks are familiar...i shall be very surprised if your copy of this astonishing book is not very soon covered in gravy stains from repeated use-happy souvenirs of glorious meals cooked from it and eaten with abandon and relishpaul levymeticulous testing and appropriate adaptation means with this book you can prepare that hitherto elusive assembly: the authentic curryfay maschler

This is the most intelligent book ever written about indian food not only does it...
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One Indian Girl

Hi, I’m Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week. I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you. You may not like me too much.

One, I make a lot of money.

Two, I have an opinion on everything.

Three, I have had a boyfriend before. Okay, maybe two.

Now if I were a guy, you’d be cool with it. Since I am a girl, these things don’t make me likeable, do they?

Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat, writing for the first time in a female voice, brings to you One Indian Girl, the heart-warming story of a modern Indian girl.


Chetan Bhagat is the author of eight blockbuster books. These include six novels—Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011), Half Girlfriend (2014)—and the non-fiction titles, What Young India Wants (2012) and Making India Awesome (2015).

Chetan’s books have remained bestsellers since their release. Several of his novels have been adapted into successful Bollywood films.

The New York Times called him ‘the biggest-selling English language novelist in India’s history’. TIME magazine named him amongst the ‘100 most influential people in the world’ and Fast Company, USA, listed him as one of the world’s ‘100 most creative people in business’.

Chetan writes columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development issues. He is also a motivational speaker and screenplay writer.

Chetan quit his international investment banking career in 2009 to devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in the country. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anusha, an ex-classmate from IIM-A, and his twin boys, Shyam and Ishaan.

Hi, I’m Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week. I work at Goldman Sachs,...
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Super Foods for Awesome Memory

We are what we eat and so our memory is linked to food. The helplessness that overwhelms us when one forgets a name can be embarrassing. In this age of instant Googling, this is just the start of the ebbing process where memory is gradually relegated to a shrinking space in our brains.

Enter MasterChef India Shipra Khanna who tells you about the fish that helps you meditate or a walnut that prevents you from going nuts! This amazing book of recipes brings to us on a platter the food that helps us in strengthening our mind and memory. And this food is to be found not in some exotic location but in our own kitchen. Try her recipes and see for yourself how you can fight the complacency and sloth that come in the way of your exercise and positive action, thereby making for a better life. From chicken recipes that keep ageing away to recipes made with coconut oil that help fight memory loss, Super Foods for Awesome Memory is the book you will never forget.


Shipra Khanna won the prestigious title of MasterChef India Season 2. She is a restaurateur, television food anchor, author, social worker and owner of a digital channel. She also gives demonstrations of multiple cuisine preparations from across the world.

She lives in Mumbai, India.

We are what we eat and so our memory is linked to food. The helplessness...
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