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God Kartikeya Bhagwan 6.75"
Specification Product Code :5611 Material :Brass Size :6.75"H x 3"W x 2.50"D Description -
Lord Murugan Kartikeya
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Standing Lord Karthikeya Murugan
Specification Product Code :B6393 Material :Brass Size :10.25"H x 5.25"W x 2.50"D Weight :1.700 kg....
Kartikeya Seated on Peacock 5"
Specification Product Code :5192 Material :Brass Size :5"H x 4"W Weight :500 gm. Description The...
Lord Kartikeya Brass Statue
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Lord Murugan Swami
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Seated Murugan Kartikeya Sculpture
The seated Murugan Kartikeya brass figure is finely carved out. The three headed figure has...
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Temple God Murugan - Wood Pane
The beautiful wooden panel depicts the Tamil God of war and patron of the Tamil...
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Murugan Son of Shiva
Carved in rose wood this sculpture of lord Murugan or Kartikeya is a fine example...
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Unconquerable Lord Murugan - Patta Painting
Murugan is one of the most popular Hindu deities amongst Tamils of Tamil Nadu state...
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Lord Murugan (Son of Lord Shiva) Kalamkari Painting
Specification Product Code :4059 Material :Cotton Cloth Size :44" x 35" Description The Kalamkari painting...
Lord Kartikeya - Marble Sculpture
Carved in a single block of Indian Marble this sculpture of Lord Murugan or Kartikeya...
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"Lord Skanda" Murugana Swami - Brass Statue
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Ganesha & Kartikeya - The Two Sons of Lord Shiva
The two sons of Lord Shiva Ganesha and Kartikeya are given a detail and royal...
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"Lord Kartikeya" Cotton Kalamkari Painting
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"Lord Skanda" Kartikeya Kalamkari Painting
Specification Product Code :2993 Material :Cotton Cloth Size :46" x 37" Description Lord Skanda is...
Goddess Parvati As Supreme Personality Of Motherhood
The beautiful Patachitra painting depicts the motherly care in the heart of Parvati, the wife...
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Ganesh Kartikeya Brass Lamp
Specification Product Code :B6637 Material :Brass Size :2.75"H x 2.50"W x 4.25"D Weight :290 gm....
Lord Murugan Swami Kartikeya
Specification Product Code :B6607 Material :Brass Size :15.50"H x 6.50"W x 6.25"D Weight :5.500 kg....
God Murugan Swami Miniature Brass Statue
Specification Product Code :B6123 Material :Brass Size :4.30'H x 2.25"W x 3"D Weight :270 gm....
About Gods Collection - Kartikeya
Lord Kartikeya is the second son of Bhagwan Shiva and Devi Parvati is a popular Hindu Deity who has a large number of temples located in South India where he is worshiped and known as Lord 'Murugan' Primarily in areas of Tamil influence. In Karnataka he is popular by the name of 'Subrahmanya' while in Northern Parts of India he is popularly known as Kartikeya, shadanana or Skanda. He is the Senapati (commander in chief) of the Devas (demi Gods). The Atharva Veda describes Kartikeya or Kumara as 'Agnibhuh' (son of Agni) the fire god. The Satapatha Brahmana refers to him as the son of Rudra and the ninth form of Agni. The Taittiriya Aranyaka contains the Gayatri mantra for Shanmukha. The Chandogya Upanishad refers to Skanda as the 'way that leads to wisdom'. The religious text 'Skanda Purana' is devoted to the narrative of Kartikeya. In North India he is depicted with six heads while in South Indian tradition his image is popular with single headed man,. The mount of Lord Kartik is a peacock. Browse here our collection of Statues, Paintings and other art items related to the great son of Lord Mahadev.