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  • Author :C. Rajagopalachari
  • ISBN :978-8172763688
  • Publisher :Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
  • Edition :2012
  • Cover :Paperback
  • Language :English
  • Pages :484

OVER 1.3 MILLION COPIES SOLD Originally published in the year 1951,the huge popularity of the book ,has resulted in the book being re-printed several times.Centuries ago, it was proclaimed of the Mahabharata: "What is not in it, is nowhere." But even now, we can use the same words about it. He who knows it not, knows not the heights and depths of the soul; he misses the trials and tragedy and the beauty and grandeur of life. More details: The Mahabharata is not a mere epic; it is a romance, telling the tale of heroic men and women, and of some who were divine; it is a whole literature in itself, containing a code of life, a philosophy of social and ethical relations, and speculative thought on human problems that is hard to rival; but, above all, it has for its core the Gita,which is, as the world is beginning to find out, the noblest of scriptures and the grandest of sagas in which the climax is reached in the wondrous apocalypse in the Eleventh Canto. The book's popularity is such taht it has run into Fifty Seven Reprints!!!.

Essays on the Mahabharata
Essays on the Mahabharata

This book is a classic study of a monumental work, the Mahabharata, perhaps the largest epic in world literature. It is an epic study of the epic on account of the voluminous size it has itself attained, the kaleidoscopic variety of the themes it covers, the great diversity of approaches it canvasses, the wide array of contributions it includes and the high standard of scholarship it achieves. Readership: Students and specialists of Hinduism, comparative religion, comparative literature, comparative mythology and classics.

Ethics in the Mahabharata - A Philosophical Inquiry for Today
Ethics in the Mahabharata - A Philosophical Inquiry for Today

This book on Ethics draws upon the words of wisdom found in the Mahabharata, following the spirit of Bernard Williams' proposal that we look for inspiration for the modern-day ethical understanding in the ideas of the past. In elucidating the literary and religious meaning of the Mahabharata, the author probes for the ethical and epistemological truth it contains, in the frame of reference of the uniquely Indian variety of existentialism. In the process he has not only come to an understanding of the principle of morality, along with the relation holding among Satya (Factual Truth), Rta (Truth as Value) and Dharma (Righteousness in Conduct), but has come up with observations that shed fresh light on the analysis of the epic itself.

Abhimanyu - Paperback Comic Book
Abhimanyu - Paperback Comic Book

Abhimanyu, like a shooting star, illuminates the horizon of the Mahabharata epic for a few moments and vanishes in trails of glory.

Abhimanyu's father was the great Arjuna. His mother, Subhadra, was the sister of Lord Krishna. In spite of being overshadowed by such powerful personalities, Abhimanyu had no difficulty in finding his rightful place among the greatest of his time.

We know little of Abhimanyu's childhood except his lineage. His marriage to Uttara remained in the shadow of Arjuna's overbearing presence. But in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, he came into his own and proved his mettle. His humility as seen in his obedience to Yudhishthira, his idealism in taking up the fatal assignment and his courage in confronting the enemy -all these proclaim a hero greater: than any of the Pandavas.

It took seven of the greatest on the Kaurava side to vanquish the young lion that was Abhimanyu. Youth has seldom scaled such heights in any epic known to mankind.


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