Science, Consciousness, Freedom

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  • Publisher : Indica Books
  • Edition : May 30, 2005
  • Pages : 606
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  • Size : 8.5 x 5.1 x 1.7 inches
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Author :  Manoranjan Basu
  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10: 8186569510
    ISBN-13: 978-8186569511

The purpose of this work is to carve out a path for achieving the integration of man, a multi-dimensional being, in the background of the three worlds — physicality, psychicality and spirituality. These three worlds are the different facets of man as a multi-dimensional being. His body is an extended substance of the physical world, his mind or inner self belongs to the psychical and moral world, and when man rises above his body and mind to realize the ultimate truth, he enters into the spiritual world. Full-fledged evolution of all these facets makes a man perfect. He then realizes that the said three worlds are linked together like gems on a string. In this work the author has tried to analyse the said three worlds and bind them into an integrated whole.
“For this book the relevant question is: What is the universe and why? So far scientists engaged in this field of investigation occupied themselves seriously with the answering of the what part of the question and have just started to answer the why part, which should normally engage the philosophers. But the latter, barring a few, are not fully equipped to go deep into the what part revealed by the scientists. The gap has to be filled up. Sri Basu has taken courage to bring the what and why parts in one comprehensive volume, and try to answer both. In fact, modern science and philosophy are perhaps talking about the same thing but in different languages. The attempt to bridge the language gap is what is most important.”

About Author:

Sri Manoranjan Basu (1920-92), the author of this profound work, was not only a scholar of great attainments but also a researcher and sadhaka of no mean stature. Among his several learned publications are Gita Vahini; Tantras: A General Study; Ramakrishna’s Spiritual Practices: A Study; Ramakrishna Sadhan Parikrama (in Bengali), Paschatya Darsaner Itibas: Kant and Hegel (in Bengali) and, above all, Fundamentals of the Philosophy of Tantras.

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