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Awakening Buddha - Wood Carving 12"Awakening Buddha - Wood Carving 12"
Awakening Buddha - Wood Carving 12"
  • Product Code :961
  • Material :Albizzia lebbeck wood ( closely resembles teak wood )
  • Size : 12"H x 7"W x 3.50"D

    Lord Buddha in meditation, Buddha means Awakened One, someone who has awakened from the sleep of ignorance and sees things as they really are. A Buddha is a person who is completely free from all faults and mental obstructions.A Buddha's compassion, wisdom, and power are completely beyond conception.With nothing left to obscure his mind, he sees all phenomena throughout the universe and inspiring mankind to awaken sleeping buddhas in ourselfs.

    Ashtamangala Buddha - Eight auspicious symbols carved on his robe 13"Ashtamangala Buddha - Eight auspicious symbols carved on his robe 13"
    Ashtamangala Buddha - Eight auspicious symbols carved on his robe 13"
    • Product Code :1839
    • Material :Brass
    • Size : 13"H x 10"W x 7"D
    • Weight :5.800 kg.

      The beautiful brass image of the Lord Gautam Buddha has been nicely carved out with the auspicious eight symbols which are said to be capable of bringing happiness, prosperity and protection to those who use them as ornaments or amulets. These are always considered as a powerful instrument that gave happiness and protection to all people. The miraculous beneficial powers associated with Astamangala made ancient kings wear these 8 symbols on their crown. It was also common to wear the symbols on the forehead or on the waist belt. Such wearing was said to give long life and protection from enemies to the wearer and prosperity to the country. The meditative posture of the Lord Buddha has been beautifully carved out and the drapery covering his arms has also been beautifully designed. The gracefulness and smoothness of the figure is amazing.

      Bhumisparsha Buddha - Antiquated Brass Statue 8"Bhumisparsha Buddha - Antiquated Brass Statue 8"
      Bhumisparsha Buddha - Antiquated Brass Statue 8"
      • Product Code :B2738
      • Material :Brass
      • Size :8"H x 6.25"W x 3.30"D
      • Weight :2.200 kg.

        This beautiful Brass scuplture of Bhumisparsha Buddha it means 'touching the earth'. It is more commonly known as the 'earth witness' mudra. This mudra, formed with all five fingers of the right hand extended to touch the ground, symbolizes the Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree, when he summoned the earth goddess, Sthavara, to bear witness to his attainment of enlightenment.

        The right hand, placed upon the right knee in earth-pressing mudra, and complemented by the left hand-which is held flat in the lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation, symbolizes the union of method and wisdom, samasara and nirvana, and also the realizations of the conventional and ultimate truths.


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