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Rama Fights Ravana
  • Product Code :5358
  • Material :Cotton
  • Size :20.50"H x 53"W

The epic battle between Lord Ram and the demon king Ravana comes alive in this beautiful applique work. Lord Ramchandra aided by the monkey force of Hanuman and Sugriv attacked Lanka, the citadel of power of Ravana, who had abducted the wife of Ramchandra thereby inviting death at doorstep. Here both monkey force and the demons are given a vivid depiction. Black, green and water colours are carefully used to give a complete picture of the battle which finally Ravana lost with his death. Appliques are the perfect way to create plain articles of clothing, or make old clothes into something fresh. They can also be used to make personalized gifts like t-shirts, tote bags, or caps for friends or loved ones.

Specification Product Code :5358 Material :Cotton Size :20.50"H x 53"W Description The epic battle between...
Rebari Wall Hanging From Kutchi Village
  • Product Code :4693
  • Material :Old Rebari cotton cloth
  • Size :70" x 52"

    This is a stunning piece of Rabari Textile made by women of Kutch in Gujarat. Rabari embroidery is like a language with which women express themselves, it is made up of patchwork pieces of traditional rabari embroidery, The Rabaris are a wandering community known for their extraordinary capacity for survival and adaptation in the arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The embroidery style is not static, the stitches, scales, color; everything changes with the imagination and spontaneity of the artist. This folk wall hanging consists a good use of mirrors with folk motifs, the stitches are square chain interlaced with buttonhole for mirror work . It is unbelievably beautiful, would look wonderful matted. this type of works are hard to find so it comes on "as is where is" basis.

    Specification Product Code :4693 Material :Old Rebari cotton cloth Size :70" x 52" Description This...
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