12 Face Rudraksha Java Bead

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  • Product Code :5984
  • Material :Rudraksha Bead
  • Size :19 mm

    The 12 faced Rudraksha Bead is nicely treated. Twelve mukhi Rudraksha symbolises Lord Surya. The Sun is the giver of life and it represents our conscious mind. The Sun reflects the present. It teaches that you have maximum potential only in the now. The 12 mukhi rudraksha helps us to understand the importance of the present time and helps us concentrate on the same. The sun teaches us lessons of evoking our self-power by releasing all dependencies on the outside world be it physical, emotional or mental. This bead makes the wearer’s personality shine like the Sun. Twelve mukhi Rudraksha gives radiance, luster, brilliance, youthfulness and vitality and gives power of sight and power of timely action. It pacifies the negative influence and afflictions of the Sun. It makes one fearless and powerful and ready to take action using his knowledge. It helps businessmen, households, politicians, managers, leaders and public administrators achieve greater success name, fame, and abundance in their respective fields
    It releases low self-respect and makes the wearer disciplined and confident and also gives physical, emotional and mental power. Releases dependency on others. It releases stress, worries, suspicion and anger. It regulates the functioning of the Digestive system and heals stomach, pancreas, liver ailments, indigestion, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome. The mantra for the wearer of 12 mukhi rudraksh is Sri suryaye namah; Aum Kraum Sraum Raum Namah.

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