Bani Thani-Marble Painting

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The enchanting beauty of Bani Thani has been captured in the amazing marble painting. The Rajasthani beauty is adorned with spectacular gracefulness and a deeper sense of feminine character. Her red lips, the broad eyes with eye- brows, have been given a royal treatment and the painting is full of ornaments and 22-karat gold. A sense of shyness is manifest in the beautiful painting. Indeed the superlative beauty of the lady is a treat for eyes. Bani Thani paintings characterize the Kishangarh school of paintings in Rajasthan. Bani Thani was a housemaid of Raja Sawant Singh’s (1748-1764) stepmother Bankawatji. Raja Sawant Singh had a soft corner for Bani Thani because of her enchanting beauty. She was tall, slim, with queenly smile and red lips. Besides being an ardent devotee of Krishna, Savant Singh was an accomplished poet and painter. He under the name of Nagari Das composed many poems in praise of Bani Thani. Also, there are several paintings depicting the amorous episode of Krishna and Radha carrying the name of Nagari Das at back. He instructed his chief court painter Nihal Chand to paint Radha, the consort of Krishna drawing inspiration from Bani Thani. As Sawant Singh had completely given himself to Bani Thani, she also completely entrusted herself to him. Sawant Singh went to Mt. Govardhan along with Bani Thani where Krishna had lifted the Mt. Govardhan on his index finger to safeguard the people of Brij from the wrath of Indra. He and Bani Thani sang devotional songs and later came to Mathura the birthplace of Krishna. Bani Thani came to be known as Rasik Bihari and composed the hymns for the priest Hari Das. She died a year after her lord Nagari Das.

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