"Bharat Milap" Bharat Meets with Brother Rama

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The beautiful Kalamkari painting celebrates the beauty of life in a most resplendent manner. The enhancing effulgence of colours and the characters that emerge on cotton fabric, help create a resplendent spread. Kalamkari art is unique in its use of colour as a medium to portray mythological characters. As the name suggests, Kalamkari is the art of painting cotton fabrics with a kalam i.e. pen, a sharp pointed pierced bamboo that regulates flow of colour on the fabric. The popularity of this exquisite form of art crossed the shores of the country during the 17th and 18th centuries. Kalahasti and Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh, the nerve centres of this art continue to be beehives of Kalamkari activity. Kalamkari colours are made from vegetable dyes.

  •     Product Code : 3474
  •     Size: 42" x 32"
  •     Material: Cotton Cloth
  •     Colors: Vegetable and natural dyes
  •     Available Unframed

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