Brass Owl Figurine

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The brass figure of the owl is given a refine and delicate touch. An owl, a nocturnal species, is held in high esteem in Hinduism. According to some pundits, owl is the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. Others believe the owl simply accompanies the goddess. Owls are solitary creatures, who sleep all day and prowl at night.According to some traditions, due to their nocturnal activity and screeching call, owls have been associated with ill luck and death, leading to the conclusion that she is Alakshmi, Lakshmi’s elder twin, the goddess of strife and misfortune.However, due to its round eyes that never move and stare straight ahead, the owl has been associated with wisdom in many parts of the world, especially ancient Greece, where it was closely associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom.

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