Eternal Energy Ardhnarishwar - Madhubani Painting 22"

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  • Product Code :B2795
  • Material :Cow dung treated handmade paper
  • Size :22"H x 15"W

    The beautiful Madhubani painting depicts the Lord Shiva as Ardhnariswar, half Male and Half Female. The painting conceptualizes the mythological beliefs of the people of Mithila about the Lord Shiva. As Ardhnariswar, Lord Shiva represents the dual existence of male and female in any human form. The left side is painted as Lord Shiva and the right side Parvati. Madhubani painting is centred around Mithila region of Bihar, where women painters depict mythological and natural figures on cloth, hand-made paper and canvas. This is an age-old tradition and has been handing down from generations to generations.

    Colors : Vegetable and Natural Colors

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