Handmade Dream Catcher for Home

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  •     Product Code :B7165
  •     Material :Down & Feather-Fill
  •     Size: 6 cm x 1 cm x 22 cm
  •     Weight: 150g

Each dream catcher is handwoven with the intention of creating love and positivity, this attractive-looking dream catcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams. Each dream catcher are 100 percent handcrafted by women artisans in India, they are handmade in ethical conditions, with free range feathers only thus being in harmony with nature

The Dream Catchers Are Hand-Woven handicraft item.
Dream Catcher are hanged in rooms over bed or a Cradle, Window, Door To Attract Positive Dreams.
Dream Catcher are hanged for positive energy and protections.
Note : Dream Catchers are woven by hand so all pcs have different color combinations. Same color of Dream Catchers are not available.
proudly introduces its unique collection of hand-woven dream catchers.
The good dreams make their way through the beautiful twigs and feathers to reach the dreamer while the bad dreams being confused are unable to find their way through the web of threads in the middle.

Quality - if you are completely satisfied with this product, please do leave a good feedback and help us built more dreams

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