Jatayu Fought with Ravana - Kalamkari Painting

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This beautiful Kalamkari painting depicts Jatayu’s fight with the demon king Ravana. Jatayu was the son of Aruna and nephew of the bird king ‘Garuda’ (Lord Vishnu’s carrier). When Rama and Lakshmana were not near Sita, Ravana; the king of Lanka, was forcibly taking away Sita as a captive in his famed aircraft Pushpak. Sita was crying and calling aloud for help from all that was visible. At that time Jatayu; the Great Bird and a friend of King Dasharatha (Lord Rama’s Father) tried to rescue Sita, Jatayu was old but brave also, so he challenged Ravana and made a great and heroic fight with him. He killed Ravana’s charioteer and the mules. He caused so grievous injuries on Ravanaalso, but the mighty Ravana the king of Lanka attacked him mid air and after an intense fight managed to cut off Jatayu’s wings. Jatayu fell down to earth and held on his breath for some more time to tell Rama that Sita was taken away as a captive by the demon-king Ravana. Jatayu breathed his last in the lap of knowing well that Rama was none other than Lord Vishnu. Rama and Lakshmana performed the last rites Jatayu, as a son would do on his father’s death.

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