Krishna Masters Kaliya - Brass Sculpture

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The beautiful figure depicts Lord Krishna dancing over the heads of the serpents as the wives of the serpents plead for mercy. The story of Krishna, and Kaliya the serpent is very popular. Kaliya, a Naga (serpent), was occupying the river Yamuna and its banks. The giant snake had poisoned the waters of the Yamuna and also dried the nearby forests by the poison airs breathed by it. One day, when the Krishna’s cowherd friends drank water from the river they fell ill. Showing His prowess, Krishna jumped into the water to kill Kaliya. Krisha, however, was coiled around by Kaliya and he lay at the bottom of the river. But His divine powers helped Krishan uncoil himself from the serpent and wanted to kill it. But following imploration from the wives of Kaliya, Lord Krishan, the Master of the Universe showed mercy on the serpent king. He pardoned on one condition. The Kaliya along with his family had to leave the river forever. A vanquished Kaliya immediately consented. So they left and Yamuna and its shored regained their normal form. This feat is termed as Kaliya-Daman.

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