Lord Gajanana Ganpati Brass Sculpture

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In this beautiful figure, Lord Ganesha is in a seated posture and is nicely carved out with finesse. The hand is a paradigm of artistic excellence and achievement. Both the huge hand and the figure are delicately designed with Brass, Reconstituted Turquoise and Coral giving it a soothing look. Lord Ganesha represents unity and has a revered place in all Hindu temples.
He is the beginning of our world. He was created first and he gave shapes, the qualities, the elements, the modes of time, the Gods, the people. Ganesha is the symbol of the personality, which surpasses the human ego and superego.
Ganesha is also the Lord of Categories. All that can be counted or comprehended is a category (gana, hence the lord of gana, Gana-pati). "I bow to you, lord of categories. You alone are the visible form of the principle. You alone are the creator, you alone are the sustainer, you alone are the destroyer; You alone are unmistakably the Principle-of-All (Brahma), the true Self.”

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